The Power of Networking

By Lea Diele, CTIE, VTA
Senior Director | Educational Services, Travel Leaders Network

“Hello, my name is …”

Meeting new people and reconnecting with past clients can sometimes feel daunting, but it is an opportunity to begin an insightful conversation to learn more about others. The unforgiving pandemic caused many people to retreat, which makes this an even better time to reconnect with others. With a strong start to 2023, it is a great time to check in with your clients and prospects before they start making plans of their own. Networking is important in building your independent contractor business in a multitude of ways. It:

  • Opens doors to potential prospects
  • Allows you to showcase your business and skills that grew exponentially throughout the pandemic
  • Provides you the opportunity to genuinely reconnect with those you have conducted business with and guided in their travel-planning process for in the past year

Take a promising step forward and start reviewing your client list now! Have they reconnected with you lately? If not, is it time to make a phone call or email them?

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