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A career in travel is an exciting proposition. What other industry helps you explore the world in order to help fulfill other’s lifelong dreams? And now it’s easier than ever to earn a good income as an independent travel agent, also known as an Independent Contractor or IC, while setting your own schedule and working from wherever you choose.

But becoming a successful independent travel agent requires more than just a love of travel. You need business acumen, sales skills and discipline. You also need solid support, which means aligning with the right “host” travel agency that can empower you to succeed on your terms.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I join the travel industry?

Our agents sell travel because they love to travel. They love exploring this big, wondrous world, and they want to share that enthusiasm with others. As a travel professional, you will have many opportunities to experience the four corners of the world in ways you’ve never dreamed of.

What does it take to become a successful travel agent?

All you need to succeed are knowledge, experience and clients—and we can help you with all three of those. Today’s travel industry is a modern business that you can complete anywhere you have an internet connection.

Do people still use travel agents?

Yes! Travel agents never went away. And in today’s internet world, where there are millions of travel deals bombarding travelers 24/7, travelers need someone they can trust. Someone with experience and accountability. They need a travel professional like you.

Why join Travel Leaders?

Travel Leaders is part of the largest travel network in North America with thousands of agencies and billions in annual sales volume. That means our host travel agencies and their independent agents have huge resources at their fingertips, like award-winning educational opportunities, essential technology, worldwide contacts and special benefits for you and your travelers.

How would I find new clients?

Our Agent Profiler program generates thousands of qualified leads every month by matching traveler needs to our agents’ expertise. And unlike some host agencies, our leads are sent directly to Independent Contractors to manage and keep as their client.

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