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Join Your National Trade Association — ASTA

Lea Diele
CTIE Senior Manager, Independent Contractor Program
Travel Leaders Network

There are numerous requirements to be an Independent Contractor in today’s travel industry. One of the most important necessities is to be supportive of the industry that allows you to flourish professionally. Laws governing travel agent work are unpredictable and constantly evolving. Legislation controls everything from how much you can earn to how your job is performed. Every independent contractor needs to be heard and represented in regard to this legislation.

join your national trade association

All independent contractors can now participate in the American Society of Travel Advisors, thanks to new membership rates. (That’s not a typo!) The American Society of Travel Agents has rebranded as the American Society of Travel Advisors. Its new and improved features were shown off at the ASTA Global Convention last month. Show your dedication and support for your business and for the important role you play in the travel community. An Independent Contractor Membership is only $199 per year.

You will be able to receive a plethora of ASTA benefits by working with a member host agency that is a part of the Travel Leaders family. These benefits may include, but are not limited to:

  • The latest alerts for industry news.
  • Members-only resources, white papers and webinars with helpful tips so your business can thrive.
  • Your own Travel Business profile so that you can generate consumer leads and grow your name.
  • The right to display the ASTA logo in client-facing materials to showcase your expertise (in business cards, letterheads and email signature).
  • Access to ASTA events, research summaries and training.
  • ASTANetwork — the ASTA quarterly publication.
  • The opportunity to experience new destinations and products with organized educational learning for all travel agents.
  • Savings on business services.
  • And an ID card to proudly display your membership.

Furthermore, according to a recent ASTA report, a majority of travel agents are independent contractors. Make sure that your voice is heard and join your national trade association today. ASTA is a trusted organization dedicated to representing your needs — enroll to gain the credibility that comes from being a card-carrying member. Transform your customers into long-time clients when you join the trusted ASTA organization.