Independent Contractors Should Know and Use their Resources

Lea Diele, CTIE
Senior Manager, Independent Contractor Program
Travel Leaders Network

Client conversations are the most important part of being a travel advisor. These conversations allow you to have a deeper understanding of clients’ needs, likes and travel dynamics.

You, as the independent travel consultant, are also the client’s main resource for all their travel questions. One such area is alleviating their fears when it comes to US Customs and Immigration for when clients’ travel abroad and are returning home to the United States. Giving this information as an “added value” to your services for your clients is not only impressive, but it also allows for them to know that you are assisting them in all of their travel needs.

But where do you get the trusted information you need to pass along to your clients? For Travel Leaders Network members, that resource is Agent Universe.

Agent Universe is our members-only intranet portal where advisors discover all the information and booking instructions they need to maximize our award-winning marketing and technology solutions. It’s also a key resource for travel industry information that makes you look like the pro you are.

From travel aids and planning tools to travel alerts and talking points on current events, Agent Universe is a central depository for all things travel. If you have a resource like this—use it. Use it often. Become the all-knowing travel professional your clients need you to be.