Bring Your Friends to the Travel Industry

Mary Janowiak
Manager, Independent Contractor Program
Travel Leaders Network

It’s a great time to be in the travel business. The consumer index for buyer confidence is high, and travelers looking to purchase cruises and vacation packages is soaring. What’s more, people are searching for travel advisor assistance more and more.

Our lead generation program pulled in more than 140,000 leads in the last 12 months just from people Googling for travel advisors in their area or advisors who specialize in a certain destination or travel style. Over 20% of these leads led to sales of over $5,000!

What does this mean for you? Great question. With so much success to hand out across the industry, we think it’s time to invite your friends to the party!

If you’re already a travel professional and know of colleagues who are currently not in Travel Leaders Network, now’s the time to ask them to join you. What better way to take advantage of this up-swell in consumer confidence and travel transactions than to have the proven, award-winning programs and services of Travel Leaders Network on your side? Tell your colleagues about our booking tools, lead gen, website programs and industry-top commission levels—and then have them contact your host agency to get started as an Independent Contractor. They should be just as successful and profitable as the rest of us!

Also if you know of someone that would make an excellent travel advisor but who might not have the skill set or education to jump into the travel industry, then send them to the Travel Leaders of Tomorrow ( That is the ideal place for new entrants to our industry to learn all there is about becoming a powerful seller of travel. Bonus: They’ll receive $100 off the courses offered just because you referred them!