Sunward Adventures, California

Riverside, CA


Quick Facts

Established: 1989

Number of ICs: 23

Number of Employees: 7

Corporate/Leisure Mix: 60/40

Commission Plans: 70% and up

GDS Provider: Travelport (Apollo)

Top Hotel, Tour, Cruise Commissions

Group Cruise Space

Hotel Program

E&O Insurance

Supplier and Destination Training

New Business Leads

Marketing Support

Exclusive FAM Trips

 Annual Meetings

 Using ClientBase

Will Accept ICs New to Travel Business

Will Accept Out-of-State ICs



Brian KerrIC Manager

Office: 1051 E. Alessandro Blvd., Ste. 220
Riverside, CA 92508
Hours: 8:30am – 6:00pm, M-F
By appointment on weekends.
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(951) 697-6895 ext.101

About Us

n 1989 Sunward Adventures was started by two businessmen who where tired of the non-personal service they received from their Corporate Travel Agency. They decided to start a travel business, and joined one of the first host agencies in the country, the now defunct Haina Group operating out of Hawaii.

We know what it is like to be an Independent Contractor:

  • To pay high start up fees and monthly fees and receive virtually nothing in return.
  • Having to wait months for commissions after the home office has been paid.
  • Receive no guidance, support or training.
  • Be treated like you’re an unwanted partner.

The Sunward Travel Agent Network – SUNTAN program was launched in 1993 and we currently have over 35 independent contractors affiliated with our travel agency. We always make sure that your commissions are paid on time because of our experiences as independent contractors ourselves. Our staff is there to answer questions, provide guidance and help get the education you need to be successful. We service you as we service our valued customers, because you are!

Sunward Adventures philosophy is that if you are successful then we are successful and everyone is happy. With an initial 70-30 commission split, 70% of the commission to you and 30% to Sunward Adventures including any overrides, the SUNTAN program is truly one of the best compensation programs in the industry. As business people we are always open to having a better/stronger relationship with our agents and are willing to discuss higher levels of commission with agents.

We welcome people just getting started in the travel business as well as the seasoned professionals. Depending on where you are in your travel career, we can help with our travel and business knowledge, we can help anyone make more money and increase customer satisfaction.

The annual fee for SUNTAN is $250, with Galileo Desktop Software / Smartpoint (Apollo/Travelport) available for a low monthly fee or can be paid with an annual fee. Additional Marketing opportunities and services are available for a minimal annual fee. You can sign up for everything or nothing it’s entirely up to you. Call us today and learn what owning your own business can mean to you and your family.

Awards & Memberships

  • Airline Reporting Corporation (ARC)
  • International Airlines Travel Agent Network (IATAN)
  • Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA)
  • Travel Leaders
  • THOR 24 (Hotel Program)
  • California Seller of Travel #2014904-10

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